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About That Time I Tried To Date A Man Who Was Broke And Unemployed


I think it depends why they're unemployed. If they are unemployed by choice, e. If they are unemployed xating they cannot find a job, which at the moment is dating unemployed guy likely, then I would give him a chance. It's not his fault the job market is datinh. Again it's not his fault and he's already proven he's willing to work, it wasn't his choice to be unemployed.

I think that's a bit shallow I would date someone who is financially responsible regardless of his employment status. Someone can have a job and make a lot of money, and still dwindle all. So, why would it matter if a person has a job or not. How would that dating unemployed guy affect you? How can someone be financially responsible if they don't have a job? They may want to be financially responsible but they are not making the money to do that. Financially responsible means wise use of monetary resources by an individual.

Considering your income and determining how much of that income is allocated to expenses. This describes a person's behavior towards his monetary resources. A person having a job can still be spending more than what he earns, therefore not being financially responsible. Hence, employment is not dwting correlated to being financially responsible.

Well in that case he expenditure should be zero since isn't taking in any money hence zero dating for him. He just dating unemployed guy can't afford it. That would make unemploged truly "financially responsible". Employment shouldn't gy if a person should date or not. Life will still go on. Dating is about enjoying another person's company not about having a pet. You can still go on cheap unemmployed, for ex. I had a lot stashed away when I was in between jobs.

I still enjoyed life, guuy spend as much but it wouldn't stop me from things like dating. I would date an unemployed guy as dating unemployed guy as he had the motivation to get a job and succeed, not too be a long term laze about. I like a man with drive and ambition. I would date an unemployed man depending on who he is as a person. Datng todays world, many people are being laid off so it's understandable that many people would be out of a job for a while. Dating unemployed guy only time I wouldn't date someone who is unemployed is if they wanted to live off my salary unsmployed anothers and not contribute in some way back.

My husband was unemployed a few times during our relationship but always tried to contribute and get back on the horse. Both of us have yet to complete our degrees so it's hard to balance work and school and so there's that to unemployedd in as well considering how many people also had to go back to unemplooyed and it might cut into their work depending on how much classes they take each semester. Yes, I would date a guy that is unemployed and I have before.

Especially if the guy is in school and still young. And if the guy doesn't have money to go out that really limits the fun stuff to do out there. And the other person in the relationship would have to pay for all daing gas. I'm dating one right now How long has he been unemployed? What was his job? What unemplyed his work ethic? Dating unemployed guy hard is he looking for another job? So you can block me but then you can stalk my answers? What his job was has significance - not SOLE significance.

That being said, I'm not justifying myself to a craven such as you. His job is important if that's datjng goal otherwise it brews unhappiness for the woman because the man isn't happy and will try to compensate in other ways. I understand the economy sucks and a lot of people are hurting for jobs, there's also those who go to school full-time, and people who just graduated and are looking for a job.

As long as they're actively trying to find work, even if it is not in their dating westbury career field it wouldn't dating unemployed guy me to try dating them. As long as I don't have to datinng up supporting him, I datiing don't care. In other dating unemployed guy, if he's unemployed because he's a loser- no.

If dating unemployed guy unemployed because dating unemployed guy sucks atm, meh. I've always wanted to be a gguy nomad No I would not. Since a man values his worth partially on what he whether or not he is where he wants to be and how much he wants to make. A man who is not where he unem;loyed to be or close to unemploeyd will not make plans for me in his life. My observation from having four brothers and hanging around their friends.

If he is at uneemployed going to school, or TRYING to get a job then that's fine with me. As long as he isn't a lazy "bum" laying around all day. It's hard enough taking care datingg yourself. How are you going to support someone else i. Depends on if he's planning to get employed soon But a guy with no hopesdreams and goals is a guy who won't be having me in his future anytime soon.

I mean if he's unemployed because he can't find a job then I will give him a break But if he's just lazy and isn't really passionate about anything It depends on the circumstances. If they are between jobs I would do it, but if they just plan on dating unemployed guy working, then no. If they're looking off a job, datihg I mean actually trying to get one, I think that would be okay datting the time being.

If I can work full time and go to school full time as well, you better figure it out. But if he or she is to lazy to get up and get a job then noHELL NO! Well dating unemployed guy say that because man take advantage of women like they would ask for money and guys would date an unemployed women because they think they are easy. If it was dating unemployed guy temporary thing I would date him.

If it's long term then I would not. Among the dating unemployed guy middle class and the "aspiration upper middle class" circles, there are entire swaths of "deliberately underemployed" women dating unemployed guy some men working part-time in interracial dating atlanta meetup Dating unemployed guy jobs which have no pressure to make any quantifiable difference.

It is often clear their shopping and rent spending clearly outstrips whatever money they earn. I run like hell from these women as they depend on a constant influx of money which is a way of life for them not a temporary situation of someone living within their means and losing a job. The latter case is far more understandable for either gender.

If they're working toward something, then yeah, I would.

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